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Hey everone!

First of all, thank you for even looking at this page; I hope it means you are enjoying aka so far. If you are, it would mean so much if you would consider going to places that the serial is listed like Webfictionguide.comMuse’s Success, or Royal Road, and giving it a rating and or review.

I know that can be a bit time consuming, especially if you don’t have an account on any of those sites, but there is another great way that only takes a second and doesn’t require any kind of login. If you vote for aka on I would be very greatful.

If you’ve read this far I really hope it’s because you like aka and not because you’re bored with it and looking for something else. If it’s the former, you can financially support me in writing aka by becomeing a Patron or by buying me a coffee!

Thank you all so much for your support, it really means a lot to me!

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